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For the emerging one-world era, with millions of people traveling to each’s other nations, and ever-increasing international commerce, the modern trend is to offer regularizedversions of languages. 

A simplified language is fully comprehensible to native speakers, but is much easier and thus much quicker for non-native speakers to learn.  With the task much less daunting, more foreigners will learn the language, which will increase tourism, facilitate commerce, foster cross-cultural understanding.

Simplified languages are essentially regularized languages.  Native Spanish speakers do not have to memorize that “I want” is “quiero” (not the expected “quero”), or that “I wanted” is “quise” (not the normal spelling of first-person preterite “querí”), because by the time they start to learn to spell at age six they routinely use “quiero” and “quise” – and hundrds of other irregular verbs.  Native kindergarten children already know that “agua” despite it’s typical feminine “a” ending, requires a masculine article, thus “el agua” – but foreign adults learning traditional Spanish must memorize that strange combination, along with many others.  If a native Spanish speaker hears a foreigner say, “Yo quirí otra” (thereby regularizing the past-tense verb), he or she will comprehend the meaning.

Traditional Spanish has 2,982 irregular verbs that have been regularized in Espanol Simplificado.  How long would it take the average student to memorize that many irregular forms?.

Foreigners need only learn root words and regular endings, and put the two together in sentences.  They do not need to spend years memrorizing hundreds of irregular verbs – which, unless frequently used, are often quickly forgotten.  They no longer need be embarassed when forgetting to use an irregular verb form – they are speaking correctly the simplified version of the language.

In this spirit, we hereby offer Español Simplificado International (ESI).

Español Simplificado is not an attempt to change traditional Spanish to a simplied form.  Native Spanish speakers will continue to beat hundreds of irregular verbs forms into their children.  But regarding that laborous time-consuming years-long task, foreigners learners of the language are exempt.

The complete language is on this website, which includes an online dictionary – all gratis.

The Overview section points out the differences between traditonal and regularized Spanish, and explains the rationale for the changes.

This is the official website of Espanol Simplificado International.  The red tabs (above) provide lists of words by category.

We also offer, at modest prices:
ESI MS Word Spellcheck  $10
Automatically red-lines words not in ESI in MS Word documents.
Spanish-ESI / ESI Spanish Downloadable Dictionary
For off-line use.  (The same dictionary is available online, gratis.)
Phone ap – gratis.  Computer software, $10.  Paperback book, $20 + delivery cost.
Spanish-ESI Auto-translator   $10
Auto-translates documents from traditional Spanish to Español Simplificado.
Learn ESI Online Course – first 3 lessons gratis
Step-by-step course in ESI for students who know little or no Spanish.  $35

Are you enjoying the benefits of ESI?  If so, a donation of any size would be greatly appreciated.